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Commercial translation services French, English, German, Italian and Spanish

Africa translation services in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish


German passport, Cote d'Ivoire resident permit is an independent consultant-editor-translator-interpreter, operating with a needs-based ad hoc team of collaborators.

Working languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

School in New Zealand. Spent many years in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas.

Professional history
Publishing: Desk editor, assistant production manager, editor, assistant editor-in-chief
Publishing and advertising: Translator, editor, publishing consultant, copy writer
Public relations: project manager, corporate communications manager
Communications: free-lance activity as communications consultant, media trainer, director of industrial films
Communications: free-lance activity as project manager (marketing and lifestyle surveys) and media trainer, translator and interpreter, editor and copy writer
Communications: free-lance activity as communications consultant, editor, translator, interpreter

Many business references including the European Union Commission and the United Nations Organisation.
As we have a large network of correspondents overseas feel free to consult as for other languages.

For a high quality service you can save up to 60% with North America and Europe rates.

Contact in Abidjan

Hans-Jurgen Klein
17 BP 1117 Abidjan 17 - Cote d'Ivoire

Ben-Gurion-Ring 20

60437 Frankfurt am Main - Deutschland

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For a best service we ask please to contact us by email before any phone call
We thank you for your time and interest

M. Hans-Jurgen Klein offers also services as interpreter and worked for the European Commission

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