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West Africa coconuts for export

West Africa organic coconuts for sale

Noix de coco HBY Coconut plantation in Ivory Coast Noix de coco Goa
HBY coconut Coconut plantation Goa coconut

Ivory Coast is, paradoxically, the only African country with large coconuts plantations. This situation ensues from late president Felix Houphouet-Boigny decision during the sixties.

That's why our Abidjan BE bio, Tesco Nurtur and EurepGap certified specialized company offers for export Cote d'Ivoire high quality organic coconuts in dry and Reefer containers. Our products are over Caribbean best quality coconuts.

The reason why we chose calibration, palletized carton boxes in a reefer container are that with reefer transportation, we deliver nuts with a long "life", and :

No labor cost to prepare pallets or cartoon boxes ! 
No time lost to verify before re-selling !
Better homogeneity due to calibration !  
No stress to destock old coconuts, becoming victims of germination !
Less lost products !

Without forgetting that we can mix cartoon boxes, bags and pallox of coconuts, with different calibers in the same container, and various products (coconuts, yams, sweet potatoes ) for the months to come.

 And create  private label  or decline existing brands to improve  gamme effect , as well with cartoon box than for bags (without additional charges for PP bags).

Coconut varieties : H (Hybride, round nut) et G (Goa, oval nut)

Coconuts in cartons

Carton CB650 (B c+) co-branding example Carton C10 500 (C c+)

Noix de coco en pallox
PP bag Pallox


Pallets ventilation (containers 40 High Cube reefer), by pallet:
170 cartons 30 x 40 cm (10 base, 17 height)
90 cartons 40 x 60 cm (5 base, 18 height)
+/- 47 PP bags, 28 kgs
3 wooden Pallox (110x110x80 cm)

Pallets per container
Dry 40 HC : 22 pallets of PP bags
Reefer 40 HC : 20 pallets (cartons, PP bags and pallox)

Mix loading (palettes cartons, PP bags and pallox) are possible but cartoon box only available in reefer TC.

Products includes information according to European legislation: tracability is operational and pallets are fumigated (NIMP15 standards); we are Qualipomfel qualified  with one of their customers partners.

New " Production Unit " is operational since 1st of july 2006: large warehouse, 1 150 M2 with modern installations (EurepGap certified).

This production unit, near the Port of Abidjan, is sized to package 5 in 6 containers per week, or 7 500 tons per year (We exported more than 100 containers 40 High Cube in 2005, ie 2 500 tons, and more than 25 millions coconuts from end of 2001 to end of 2009).

Certification EurepGap
Traceability operational since 2005 ; Staff Trainings: HACCP, BPH & &GPH (Good Practices of Hygiene)

Possibility of SGS or Veritas during loading (charge to customer), and anyway, possibility of free photos report of the loading sent by internet,

Time for loading:15 days for the 1st container, 10 days for following.

Packaging options and weight information

Other products

We produce also in our Grand-Bassam factory
deep freeze pineapple (shunk, cush and carpaccio)
deep freeze coconut pulp

Contact in Cote d'Ivoire

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