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Italy toilet rim blocks making machines

Toilet rim blocks

Italy Toilet rim blocks making machines

The Rim-block line has been designed to extrude Rim-Blocks (Toilet-Bowl Fresheners) of any dimension and shape. The line is usually composed by three machines:

DOUBLE ARM SIGMA MIXER The intensive mixing of powders, colours and perfumes is guaranteed by two massive, tangential counter rotating “Sigma” type blades that are machined from AISI 316 Stainless Steel. All parts in touch with the product are made in AISI 304 Stainless Steel.

TWIN-SCREW SIMPLEX PLODDER The Simplex Plodder consists of one stage. The machine is designed for compressing, refining and extruding different products. The processed product is extruded in form of a continuous bar or in form of noodles. The driving system is extremely compact and of easy maintenance: it consists of a continuous variable speed frequency drive directly coupled to a gear-box with a built-in thrust bearing. This assures soft starts, wide screw speed variation and is clutch-free. 

SAVONCUT CUTTER The new Savoncut single blade high-speed cutter has been designed to cut with great precision different extruded products. A single blade cuts the product extruded by the plodder. The cutting action is controlled by a very simple, reliable and maintenance free system consisting of a pneumatic piston and a long blade support that allows free horizontal movement to the blade during the cutting action. The cutting length can be changed easily and immediately on the touch panel while the unit is in operation

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