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China sanitary ware and taps

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Index of import export and trade offers from the Americas

Canada compact portable potable water treatment plants Fresh and frozen seafood

Mercosur and Americas short selection

Americas agro exports 
agriculture and foodstuffs
fruits and vegetables
delicatessen and dairy products

animal nutrition products

Americas seafood and by-products

Americas meat, poultry and associate products

Americas drinks
Wines and sprits
Juices, concentrated fruit juices and puree

Americas 1
food processing industry equipments & associate
machinery, machine plants and industrial products
forestry equipments
ethanol and chemicals

Wood, forestry, plants and by products

precast construction and building materials
potable water treatment plants

Americas 1.1
industrial cooling equipments 
air conditioning

Americas 2
computers & electronics. office supplies
telephones /  international callback & VOIP services
Web satellite connection

Medical and associates
medical equipments & drugs
health care facilities
perfumes, cosmetics and hygiene products

Americas 3
railways equipments & services
trailers / cars & heavy duty equipments
automotive supplies
boats / transport & sea freight

Americas 4
textiles, clothing & shoes
window mannequins and forms
commercial translation services
general trade, household & miscellaneous products and services

Americas importation requests

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