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For mutual interest please read carefully the below information. Thank you.
Security, Terms & Conditions

We apologize but we can't manage offers from ''informal'' industry.
As we  receive many import-export and business offers, we must confirm the reality of the offers we are receiving and which are transmitted to potential business partners:

1. For legal and obvious security reasons we don't insert any offer without complete information about the sender identity, except for subscribers.

Email address: for business security, we may refuse an offer sent with a free email such Hotmail etc... because there is no guarantee about sender's identity or we may ask to confirm sending by fax. However we recommend to communicate a free email address to receive answers.

We don't use personal information for commercial purpose. Inform us if any restriction.
Our privacy policy

2. We cannot insert any offer without a complete information about the product or service (international standards)
Before to send an offer or a request read carefully
: "How to draw up an export offer" which specifies the minimum requested information about the product you offer.
More your offer is precise more you will find customers. No limitations about the information you can send; we can set up unbounded pages for good products and services.

3. All offers are checked by administrator. Allow from 1-2 weeks for insertion, 12 hours for subscribers,


Insert offers is free and unlimited.
Buyers: there are no fees for buyers.
Sellers: to send a tender to sell to Africa Asia Trade implies explicitly the sender of this proposal agrees to pay a commission to SCAC Network for any sale done to a customer from our web sites or with SCAC business services assistance. Special offer for small and medium-sized enterprises to insert a sale offer. Information about fees

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With an excellent rank in English and in French with major search engines we offer to exporters targeted Web advertising: you pay only when you receive customers requests. Advertising information

Customized services to launch your offer

If you want a 355 days per year service to follow up your offer, a reliable requests checking or a translation assistance with buyers from and to English, French, Spanish and German check our Subscription information in partnership with SCAC Network

Jurisdictional clauses

For the content of the Web site
Notwithstandingother disposition, any dispute about this Web site content is Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire ) Court jurisdiction. The applicable law to any case in point will be Cote d'Ivoire law.

For conditions for services and fees
Notwihstanding any other disposition, any dispute about the conditions for services and fees or any commercial agreements are Victoria City, Republic of Seychelles, High Court jurisdiction.

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