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Bank capability letter model
Bank Comfort Letter

(To be completed on buyer’s bank letterhead



From (Name and address of Bank):
Telephone number:
Fax number:

To: (Name of account holder)

We are informed that our client (name of company or client), account number (optional) would like to purchase (quantity of commodity) of (type of commodity/product) at Euros / US Dollars ($ ___ per  (MT or other unit price)  C&F/CIF/FOB), (name of port of delivery and country) for a total of US$ / Euros  (total amount order).

We understand that payment is to be by (Irrevocable, fully funded, transferable, divisible, confirmed, acceptable documentary Letter of Credit) (or Irrevocable, non- transferable documentary letter of credit) (or Standby/SWIFT Wire Transfer / Sola Draft in any and all aspect to the seller) payable at 100% sight of contract value for (number of days), and confirmed by (name of confirming bank).

This is to inform you that the Buyer has the financial capacity to issue such Letter of Credit subject to bank formalities, should the buyer contract for the (name of commodity).

Signed and sealed
Title and typed full name

(Traduction en francais)

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