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Irrevocable payment order

Reference number #  (to be placed by seller)

Place and date:   time \ "dddd, dd mmmm yyyy"

Transaction code and reference number (to be placed by seller)

Contract number # (to be placed by seller) : 

Seller details

Payment terms

Mode of payment: wire transfer/cash

Issued by:

Beneficiary´s details

Commission details

Total contract:

Commission amount:  USD or Euros

Total commission value: USD or Euros

If and when the financial instrument (lc/slc/pbg/wire transfer) is executed for per shipment value and the shipping documents have been presented for reimbursement, payment of the export profit shall be made by wire transfer to the beneficiary named herein by the paymaster (above) without protest or delay, payable within 10 (ten) banking days of wire transfer payment to the payer’s account for the master irrevocable export profit payment order (ieppo) for the above transactions and without any deductions except bank transfer fees.

Upon execution of this agreement, this irrevocable export profit payment order document will be exchanged for an official bank endorsed and responsible irrevocable export profit payment order.  The original bank irrevocable export profit payment order will be lodged with the payer’s bank.

This irrevocable export profit payment order document may be executed simultaneously in two or more counterparts via fax transmission, each of which shall be deemed as a hard copy original and all of which together shall constitute one and the same original as a full recourse commercial document, enforceable and binding.

A signed copy of this document shall have the same value and effect as an original and a fax thereof shall serve as a duly signed copy of the same

The parties confirm xxxxxxxxxx as their common and unrestricted intermediary in any direct or indirect sales cooperation for the next 5 (five) years.

Signed by payer:___________________________

Signed by the beneficiary

Authorized signatory

Signed by Payer:___________________________

Signed by the beneficiary

Authorized Signatory

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