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Solar Laptop Chargers

Model LC001



Solar Laptop Charger

Model LC002



Solar Laptop Charger

Model LC003


Battery:3.7V2000mAh(74W/h) Lithium ion polymer Battery

Solar Laptop Charger

Model LC004

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS

Product Size: 14cmx9cmx2.5cm
Weight 550g

Measurement/GW/Carton: 50cmx34cmx23cm /12KG

Material of bag 1680 D polyesterpower bank
Color: black

Material of bag Packing QTY/ Carton

Main features

Material of battery: Lithium-ion polymer:3.7V 16000 ma/h

Output voltage: (Optional) 16V/1 9V/22V/24V. 5V

Output current: 2A / 5V, 4A /16/19/ 22/ 24V

Charging voltage: 100240V AC/DC

Charging current: 2A (max)

Charging Time (Max.): <3 hours

Electric eye dimension: 120mmx80mm

Peak power supplied by photocell: 1.41 W

Material of electric eye: multi-crystal silicon solar High

Solar energy convert efficiency: over than >16

Material of electric eye surface: 1mm chemically toughened glass

Ultrasonic mosquito killer: 40~80000HZ auto frequency conversion

Available distance of mosquito killer: 100 SQFT

Flashlight: Ø10mm white LED

Standard Accessories

AC100~240V Adaptor 1pcs/Universal Connecting Cable 2pcs/English Manual

Mobile phone and Digital products connectors: 13pcs

Laptop PC connectors: 15pcs

Car DC /DC 12~24V 2A charger: 1 pcs

Solar Laptop Charger

Model LC005


Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS

Power bank color: black

Packing QTY/ Carton: 8pcs

Material of bag: 1680 D polyester

Product Size: 28.2cmx20.5cmx2cm
Weight: 900g

Measurement/ GW / Carton: 67cmx51cmx19cm / 17kg

Main features

Lithium ion polymer Battery capacity: 3.7V 20000mA/h(74W/h)

Output voltage: USB 5V,3/6/9/12/16/19/22/24V(optional)

Output current: 1A/3V,2A/5/6/9/12V,4A/16/19/22/24V

Charge Voltage: 100-240V AC/DC

Charging time: 3 hours

Electric eye dimension: 235mmx145mm

Peak power supplied by photocell: 4W

Material: Material of electric eye multi-crystal silicon solar

High solar energy convert efficiency: Over than16%

Standard Accessories

AC100~240V Adaptor 1pcs

Universal Connecting Cable 2pcs

English Manual

Mobile phone and Digital products connectors: 13pcs

Solar Laptop Charger

Model LC003


Body Size: 216mm*92mm*34mm

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V (a piece)

Li-ion Battery Capacity 12000mAh (3pcs)

DC Output: 500mA-4000mA/ 5.5V; 0-4000mA/11.1V; 0-3000mA/16V;

0-2500mA/19V; 0-2000mA/24V; 0-1500mA

AC/ DC charger 12.6V/2000mA

Weight: 0.522g

Packing details gift package:815g 29.4cm*13.2cm*5.1cm

Carton Size:  65*31*30cm

QTY:24 pieces per carton. Carton G.W:20kg

Main teatures

Charging time: 3.5h;

Charging time 4h per day under sunshine;

Applicable to mobile phone, laptop, DC, PDA, MP3, MP4, PSP…

Connectors: a set for laptop, other connectors chose by customer;

ABS+ PC housing;

LED showing battery capacity;

With protective function for short circuit, over current and over-charging/recharging;

Long working life, Li-ion battery replaced available;

Battery capacity is doubled of NB battery.

Solar Cellphone Charger

Model CC001

Solar panel 5.5V/140mA/0.77W

Output current 350mA--800mA

Battery Lithum battery/3.7V2600mAh

Charger time 90min(charger for phones)

Size 118*50*10.8mm

Outshell Aluminum alloy

Solar Cellphone Charger

Model CC002

Solar panel 5.5V/120~150mA/0.8W

Output current 800mA--1000mA

Battery Lithum battery/3.7V3600mAh

Charger time 90min(charger for phones)

Size 115*63*10.4mm

Outshell Plastic material

Solar Cellphone Charger

Model CC003

Solar panel 5.5V/240mA/1.32W

Output current 300mA--1000mA

Battery Lithum battery/3.7V2000mAh

Charger time 90min(charger for phones)

Size 115*63*10.4mm

Outshell Plastic material

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