China large ice making machines

Ice blocks, ice cubes, ice flakes, ice tubes and plate ice

Ice block machine

Our commercial ice machines partner factory was Beijing Olympic Games official supplier and several machines models are CE approval.

Our range of ice making machines starts with a daily production of 1 tonne up to 100 tonnes.

We already export from Guangzhou towards Asia, Oceania, Africa, Middle-East and South-America.

The different types of ice machines

We supply ice making machines starting 1000kg per day to produce ice blocks, edible ice blocks, ice blocks in bag, ice cubes, ice flakes, ice tubes and plate ice.

Refrigerant gas

We produce ice machines using R22 gas mainly used in Africa and Asia and, upon request, R404 gas ice machines

Power supply

All our machines are running with 380 volts 3 phases 50 hertz. For a few models only we can provide the machines in 220 volts 3 phases 50 hertz. For areas without power supply or in case of electric breaks we can supply diesel generators to run the ice machines.

Water supply temperature

Our machines performances are provided, depending the models, for water supply at 16, 21 or 23 Celcius degrees. Over the machines will run as well but the ice production time could be a little bit higher.

Delivery time

The FOB delivery time is from 30 to 60 days depending the machines

Containerized ice blocks machine plants

The ice blocks machines up to 10MT per 24 hours production can be containerized in the factory as a compact independant mobile machine plant. The machines sets are equiped of a special crane to take off easily the ice blocks. The containers processing increase the the containter insulation, anto-corrosion and anti-slide performances.

The customer can load the container on a truck for moble ice production or has only to let the container at the right place with water and electric supply and will not need any workshop. The full machine set can be moved easily. Up to 3MT per 24 hours the machines are setted in a 20' container; over the machines are setted in a 40' container. The maximum weight of the ice blocks is 30kg for containerized machines.

Examples of standard ice blocks machines

There are 2 types of ice blocks machines: the standard machines to produce ice for industry uses and to refresh food and the automatic machines to produce ice blocks suitable for human consumption ice large scale production.

These machines wich mainly aiming at the Oceania, Africa and the Middle-East adopt integrated design.

All the components we use are from famous international companies.

The ice making tank adopts the polyurethane foam technology, has a good viscosity performance avoiding defaults of foam uneven.

It is completely machine that we offer. All the standard ice block machines contain four main parts: mainframe unit, ice making pool (salt water tank), cooling tower, water pumps and water pipes fittings. We have equipped all the needed components and fittings for you. The machines are easy to install: you just need to connect the cooling tower to the machine, plug the power and water to make ice.

The ice blocks production per 24 hours and the ice blocks weight

We manufacture ice blocks machines from 1000kg to 20 metric tonnes and over up to 100MT per 24 hours. For an optimal ice blocks production it is necessary to comply with the following ice blocks weight rules:
Machines from 1 to 3 MT per 24 hours: ice blocks from 2kg to10kg
Machines from 5 to 3 MT per 24 hours: ice blocks from 2kg to 25kg
Machines from 5 to 10 MT per 24 hours: ice blocks from 2kg to 50 kg

Our complete range of ice machines

Standard ice blocks machines

Automatic ice blocks machine

Ice blocks making machine in plastic bag

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Flakes ice machines

Tube ice machines

Plate ice machines

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