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Senegal ornamental baobabs in ready to be planted kits
Other baobab products and baobab by-products

World Fair Trade Member
Senegal nursery of indoor ornamental baobabs, baobab seeds and baobabs by products

Senegal baobab nursery

Our Dakar horticultural company is specialized to grow African ornamental ''roots plants''

We are also characterized by our engagement to respect the Fair Trade Rules and we are a a member of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

We are specialized in baobab trees (adansonia digitata) by products and baobab for ornamental household use overseas.

Our 125 acres plantation allow us to grow millions of baobabs

We don't export in earthenware pots as international phyto-sanitary services don't agree for the moment any African substrate.

Our concept is to export plants without any substrate which can have autonomous life during several months and we launched a ''Baobab kit'' for garden centers. Our products are CE standards quality with bar code and instructions in 6 different languages.

Baobab with leaves &
''The Little Prince'' baobab kits

 2 years ready to be potted baobab kits

The Baobab is sold in a dormant stage. You just have to replant it to bring it back to life.

The kit is composed of a cardboard packaging and a young Baobab Tree (Adansonia Digitata) of 2 years.

23 X 8 cm  
Average weight : 50g
baobab size: 20 cm x 2/4 cm Instructions guide in English, Spanish,
Italian, French, German and Dutch

The Baobab is protected on the root and the top of the branches by paraffin (in order to avoid the evaporation of the water), it can stay in its packaging between 3 and 5 months before being replanted.

In its natural environment, the Baobab Tree remains 9 months without water thanks to its caudex (bulging root) and waits patiently for the raining season (3 months).

Instructions : remove the Baobab Tree from its packaging , prepare a pot with compost, plant out the Baobab (leave half of the root outside) and water copiously; or replant in open group by preparing a hole of 30 X 30 X 60cm, then put 1 shovelful of compost at that bottom of the hole and mix, then water copiously.

Expose in full light, let the ground dry between two copious watering.

The display units of and cartons

Black metal display unit
+ PLV Baobab Africa (60 pieces)
H :26  cm x l : 52  cm x  D: 30 cm
 Total weight: +/-  4  kg

 L 53  X h 28 X w 31 cm
Total weight:
+/-  4  kg

Black metal display unit
+ PLV Baobab Africa (30 pieces) 
H :26  cm x l : 26  cm x  D: 30 cm
Total weight 0+/-  2  kg

We can deliver full display units and restock them for an efficient marketing

Other baobab products

Baobab bonsai 

We produce and export also baobab seeds, baobab pre bonsai kits and other baobab products: consult us

Baobab by products CE approval baobab pulp powder produced in partnership with an Italian laboratory, baobab fruits red fibers and baobab leaves. Upon request we can process baobab tree fibres.


Transport options: Senegal Post (up to 30kg), EMS, DHL, Air freight and container´┐Ż Consult us for a quotation.

Other plants

We have, but in smaller quantities, one year Royal Poinciana / Flamboyants (Delonix regia) and 2 years Drumstick Tree / Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

New: Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae, containing a single species, Adenium obesum, also known as Sabi Star, Kudu or Desert-rose.

Flowering Adenium obesum
Flowering Adenium obesum


The Little Prince baobab kits and seeds &
baobab kits in Senegal potteries

kits et graines de baobab ''Le Petit Prince''

Senegal baobabs contact

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