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Thailand fresh tropical fruits and frozen fruits

Thailand fresh tropical fruits and vegetables

We act as your mutually beneficial partner in fresh items from Thailand, country of well known and abundant planting agriculture either fresh fruits and vegetables. For greeting or welcoming seasons, we are keen in providing and arranging according to your order requirement and strong in acquiring air delivery's space availability in order to deliver to you at any required deadline, quality degree, any big or minimum order quantity and at any destination for your valued partnership. If only you advise us what are your requirements' inquiries to us

We supply also all fresh fruits (over 40 types) and vegetable (over 50 types) from Thailand according with customers requests.

Fruits examples and seasons for export

Mangosteen May till October
Mao berry:  August-October
Mango:  April-May
Longan: May-July
Lychee: April-August
Rambutan: June-August  
Bananas: All year
Durian: May-June
Sala  May-July
Lime  June-August
Roselle: November-December
Star fruit: October-December
Guava: May-October

We also have a variety of vegetables such as garlic, ginger or others upon request.


Thailand is famous for is its sweet, juicy, delicious, pineapples. There are currently good prospects for expansion of the fresh market sector and we hope you enjoy reading about our products,
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Maturing Pineapples
Harvest time is often when the base of the fruit has changed from green to yellow or light brown. Fruit may be harvested for fresh market before striking color changes have occurred, since acceptable quality may develop before color changes occur in the shell.

Since the pineapple fruit has no accumulation of starch, there is no reserve for major post harvest quality improvements.

As a non climacteric fruits, obvious compositional changes after harvest are mostly limited to de-greening and a decrease in acidity. Minimum soluble solids of 12% and a maximum acidity of 1% will assure minimum flavor acceptability by most consumers.

Packing operation
At the packinghouse fruit are sorted to eliminate defective fruit.
Sizing may be by eye or eye or weight seizers.
A fungicidal treatment consists of a Bealeton clip or spray, commonly applied before packing, to control black rot disease caused by the fungus Thielaviopis paradoxa


In order to make you an offer we need your detailed request, products, quantity and destination airport or port We will then revert with our most competitive offer and best quality products.

Thailand frozen fruits

Thailand frozen mangosteen concentrate and puree
Ready to drink mangosteen juice and fruits natural extract powders

Thailand frozen coconut water and concentrate coconut water

Contact the exporter in Bangkok

Eau de coco congelee

Jus concentré et pulpe de mangoustan congelés
Jus de mangoustan prêt à boire et extrait naturel de mangoustan en poudre

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Africa organic coconuts

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