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Offre export de sucre de canne raffiné blanc du Brésil

Nous sommes une société brésilienne disposant des autorisations officielles pour exporter le sucre du Brésil. Nous sommes par ailleurs la filiale d'une société européenne depuis plus de 20 ans dans le commerce des denrées
Nous pouvons offrir pour tout contrat un cautionnement d'exécution (Performance Bond)

Produit: sucre de canne blanc Icumsa 45 dernière récolte pour consommation humaine
Origine: Brésil


Polarity at 20 deg. centigrade: 99.80 min.
Ash content: 0.04%  max.
Moisture: 0.04% max.
Solubility: 100.0% DRT and free flowing.
Granulation: Fine
ICUMSA: max. 45 ICUMSA, attenuation index units method no: 4-1978
Sediments: none
Color: sparking white
Magnetic particles: mg/k 4.
SO: mg/kg 20.
Radiation: Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine: certified
Smell: free of any smell
Reducing sugar: 0.05% max
Substance: solid, crystal max
Max AS: 1 p.p.m
Max OS: 2 p.p.m.
MAX CU: 3 p.p.m.
HPN staph aureus: nil
Poisonous seed / husks: phytosanitary certificate of no radiation, no virus, no insect parts, no poisonous matter and non genetic and is suitable for human consumption.


In new sacks of 50 kg. PP. polyethylene (PE) Liner, in slings or on pallets suitable for ocean transportation. Seller to provide 2% extra bags.
Bags to be labelled in English language indicating:
- Net weight,
- Sugar cane Incumsa 45
- Country of origin
- Production / Expiry date.

Conditions & payment

Minimum order: 12,500 MT
Annual contracts to be negotiated
Delivery: within 30/45 days from receipt of workable instrument of payment .
Payment FFSBLC -BG - TT- DLC at sight or FFDLC transferable, revolving at loading port
Performance bond: seller issues 2% PBG upon receipt of instrument of payment  from the buyer

To assist in the financial part of all transactions, a Holding Fiduciary Company incorporated in Luxembourg forms a joint venture that gives us the necessary financial background to provide solutions to companies in their international trading activities

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Sucre du Brésil par conteneurs de 25 tonnes
en 1kg, 5kg, 25kg et 50kg


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