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Corned beef from Argentina including Halal and Kosher qualities



From a leader producer of meat items and main beef exporter of our country, we offer the market a wide range of quality products consumed in Argentina as well as in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Our quality is shown in its wide and varied range of products.
They range from the traditional vacuum packed anatomic cuts to more processed food such as: frozen cooked beef, frozen hamburgers and breaded meats, spreadable, pates, cold cuts, sausages, canned beef, corned beef, beef extracts and juices and broths.
Specially produced to meet different eating habits (Halal, Kosher, etc. rites) and all kinds of income, these products are exported or sold locally, serving and meeting the expectations of its consumers worldwide.

Corned beef

Prepared with 100% cooked beef with the addition of salt, sugar and nitrite.


Net Weight
Packaging Net Weight Gross
 20 FCL**
Canned Corned Beef 6lb / 2.720g Rectangular 6 cans/ carton 16.32 kg/ca 18.73 kg/ca 1150 / 1200*
Canned Corned Beef 10lb / 4.536g Rectangular 4 cans/ carton 18.14 kg/tray 20.20 kg/ca 1050 / 1100*
Canned Corned Beef 12oz / 340g Rectangular 24 cans/

* Depending on local regulations. ** Floor loaded.

Specification of 7 Y 12 oz corned beef



Coged beef

72,000 %


24,985 %


2,000 %


1,000 %

Sodium Nitrite

0,015 %


100,000 %




55 a 60 %


23 - 28 %


9 a 16 %


1,8 a 2,6 %


6 - 6,4

Residual sodium nitrite

8 a 15 ppm

Frozen cuts and offal

Individual cuts from selected steers and cows, frozen at -18� C and wrapped in film with a high moisture barrier.
Maximum yield, quality and consistency when defrosted
. 20 kg./ case
Product Package
English Spanish Germany French
Rump and Loin Bife Angosto con Cuadril y Lomo Roastbeef mit Filet und H�fte Aloyau Vacuum Packed
Tenderloin Lomo Filet Filet Vacuum Packed
Strip Loin Bife angosto Roastbeef Faux Filet Vacuum Packed
Heart of Rump Coraz�n de Cuadril Herz der H�fte Coeur de Rumsteak Vacuum Packed
Regular Roll Bife Ancho Hochrippe Noix d�Entrecote IWP/Vacuum Packed
Cap of Rump Tapa de Cuadril H�ftdeckel Aiguillete Barone Vacuum Packed
Topside Nalga de Adentro Oberschale Tende de Tranche IWP/Vacuum Packed
Tail of Rump Colita de Cuadril H�ftspitze Aiguillette de Rumsteak Vacuum Packed
Eye of Rump Peceto Semerolle Ronde de gite IWP/Vacuum Packed
Knuckle Bola de Lomo Kugel Tranche Grasse Vacuum Packed
Fore Shank Brazuelo Hinterer Jarret IWP
Arm Clod Carnaza de Paleta Dickes Bugstueck Cocur de Macreuse IWP
Chuck Tender Chingolo Schutter Filet Fillet D' epaule IWP
Blade Clod Marucha Shulter Paleron IWP
Brisket Pecho Brust Poitrine IWP
Package and Shipping
40' container 22 Tons      
20' container 11 Tons      

Important: this producer has exclusive agents for whole Africa
Reference to remind please: Argentina Corned Beef
Argentina contact

Important: ce producteur a deja des agents exclusifs pour toute l'Afrique donc aucune livraison directe.
Contact Argentine

Voir corned beef halal de Chine


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