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VSAT solutions for Internet, VoIP, equipments and bandwidth.

We are an American full service satellite communications provider for all Africa. Latin America and the Caribbean and  We have VSAT equipment for sale and bandwidth for sale to clients in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America.

Detailed explanation of VSAT equipment componen

The three major components are the antenna, the transceiver and the modem. We offer the choice of new equipment or refurbished equipment. Whatever the choice, we first bring all the items to our facility in Miami and have them checked for working condition, but also for completeness. Installations can be delayed by weeks because somebody forgot to send a cable or a mounting bracket.

The VSAT Antenna

Prodelin 2.4m transmit/receive

The antenna choice depends upon the type of service that the client will provide to his clients. A cyber caf� with 15 to 30 computers in a location with good satellite signal will be content with a Prodelin 2.4m antenna.

We choose Prodelin because of construction strength and accuracy of manufacturer. Incidentally, they are also approved by all of the satellite operators.

Installations that require high volume connections of 1MB or greater will find savings by installing the larger 3.8m or 4.5m antennas. Although these antennas cost more to purchase and more to ship, there will be savings on the re-occurring monthly bandwidth cost. Users of the smaller antenna can be penalized when they try to push larger data volumes through their link.

Anacom�s C-Band Transceiver
Anacom has the entire transceiver mounted in a single unit making it simpler to install on the antenna.

The VSAT Transceiver

Transceivers are the radios that transmit the signal from the earth station up to the satellite. Small antennas transmitting high bandwidth require powerful transceivers; larger antennas with smaller bandwidth require less power.

Transceivers are sold by their power rating; our existing clients use transceivers in the range from 5 watts to 60 watts. The choice is also influenced by the strength of the satellite signal at the client�s location in addition to the bandwidth and antenna size.

We recommend transceivers from Anacom or Codan. Both companies offer a full range of transceivers in all sizes. Both manufacturers offer advantages over the each other.  

Mounted Codan Transceiver
Codans separate packaging of the Amplifier, power supply and the converter allows less heat to be conducted to the converter lowering the chance of failure.

The VSAT Modem

Paradise P300 Shown with cover removed

The modem at one teleport communicates directly with the modem at our client�s location. Although most modems are compatible with each other, we try to make it a rule that the modem type at our client�s teleport is of the same type that we use in Miami.

Often we have to instruct technicians who are not familiar with the modem how to set it up. It is easier to accomplish this if both sets of technicians are using identical equipment.

We work with a wide range of modem types; Paradise, Datum, EF Data and Comstream are the most common. The client who has already purchased modems before coming to us often determines the choice of modem.

Modems have a host of features that can cause their price to jump by a factor of three if the more exotic choices are made. It is important that the modem features are matched to the needs of the satellite; incorrect modem settings can lead to the client paying a premium for the monthly cost of space segment.

All technical information and photos are strictly indicative. You will have to ask the USA supplier for up to date information

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Our reference to remind please: USA-VSAT
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