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Wild salmon, trout, smoked oysters and truffer liver mousse from austral Chile

Puero Octay city in South of Chile

Small production upscale canned food

Chile smoked trout mousse with morels Chile canned smoked wild salmon filets
Smoked trout mousse with morels Smoked wild salmon filets
Chile duck and goose liver mousse pate with morels Chile Pacific smoked oysters
Duck and goose liver pate Pacific smoked oysters


Baroness Rennee von Artens, daughter of a 19th century Austria Consul in Chile fell in love with the Austral Chile countryside. She enjoyed the quality of the products from rivers, lakes and the sea. She decided then to found the best recipes to enhance the local products and started the production of high quality canned food.

All “Baronne Rennee von Artens“ products are made in Porto Octay with the highest quality products without any dye or artificial flavour additives. They are ready to serve.

The 5000 cans per week production is a small one but all products are CE and FDA sanitary approval.

Products available in 165g cans and 500g upon request for restaurants.

The products

Canned smoked wild salmon fillets
Genuine wild salmon filets from austral Chile rivers and lakes, traditionally fished, with no artificial coloring. The salmon is smoked with a local wood, Ulmo, which add a special flavoring. The salmon filets are macerated in grape seeds oil

Smoked wild trout mousse pate with morels
Smoked wild trouts, from austral Chile rivers and lakes, mousse mixed with south of Chile wild morels

Pacific smoked oysters
Japanese type oysters because of their size there are slightly smoked and kept in grape seeds oil.

Duck and goose liver mousse pate
Mixing of duck and goose liver mousse pate with morels

Export packaging

Cans packed in L:32cm x l: 22cm x h: 10cm cartons

24 cans of 165g per carton
12 cans of 500g per carton

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